Add Digital inputs and outputs, Analog inputs, PWM outputs, multiple SPI, I2C and 1-Wire master buses to your computer.

FF32 chip

Native USB solution for Linux, Windows, BSD, etc.


FF32 chip is highly optimized and low components count solution for connecting various sensors, EEPROMs, motors, switches, LCDs, NFC readers, etc. to a computer over USB port.

Feature FF32
Body 28-pin DIP 300mil
Digital Outputs 18
Digital Inputs 18
PWM Outputs 6
Analog Inputs 12
SPI Master Buses 4
I2C / TWI Master Buses 9
1-Wire / MicroLAN Master Buses 18
Power supply 3.3V to 5V
Hot-pluggable YES
Output Pins current (sourced or sunk) 25mA
Overall Output Pins current (sourced or sunk) 185mA
USB 2.0 compliant YES
Number of supported chips per host 127
In-circuit upgradeable YES

* No dedicated USB driver needed (Operating System native USB HID driver is used)
* Programmable circuit's Vendor and Product ID strings, including serial number
* Compatible with various SBCs (Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard's, Cubietech's, CuBox-i, HummingBoard, OLinuXino, RIoTboard, Gateworks', BLUETECHNIX's, etc.)


Item Description Status
FF32 chip
Chip only ON STOCK
FF32 Evaluation Board (KIT)
Evaluation Board with 204 pads, KIT version, all components included, must be soldered ON STOCK €9.95
FF32 Evaluation Board
Evaluation Board with 204 pads, soldered ON STOCK €11.95

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Development Support

[PDF] Datasheet (Updated Aug 3, 2015)
[PDF] Errata Sheet

[ZIP] Latest firmware, v0.8 (Aug 3, 2015; including Linux 'C' source code of the update tool)

[ZIP] Linux Demo, 'C' source code (Updated Aug 3, 2015)
[ZIP] Windows Demo application, executable (Updated Aug 27, 2014)
[ZIP] Windows Demo application, VB.NET sources, Visual Studio 2008 project (Updated Aug 27, 2014)

[PDF] Evaluation board schematics (product available for purchase above)
[PNG] Evaluation board layout

[PDF] Proposed board template schematics
[PNG] Proposed board template layout
[ZIP] Eagle CAD Library

Users contributions:
[LINK] Blog of various FF32 experiments by Paul Merkx
[ZIP] Python 2.7 demo code and examples, ported from the Demo 'C' code by Douglas Otwell (Apr 17, 2014; including examples of blinking LED, LED color rainbow, I2C communication (with Arduino) and HD44780 16x2 LCD module "Hello world!" code)
[ZIP] MFRC522 NXP Mifare reader Python communication code by Paul Merkx (May 07, 2014)
[ZIP] DS18B20 temperature sensor Python code (including CRC check) by Paul Merkx (July 12, 2014)

3rd Party Software

[LINK]GUI with an editor and a scripting language interpreter by Chris Roossien (July 18, 2015)
[LINK]1-Wire Automation Software by Axiris
[LINK] GUI front-end (Qt4/C++) by Michael (alias mad-hatter) (August 21, 2014)


Paul Merkx has sent us a link to an evidence of his first usage of the FF32 chip: video


FF32 chip is compliant to RoHS directive.