Use Android device to emulate USB devices over Bluetooth.

All-In-One keyboard, mouse, keypad, barcode scanner, etc.

hiDBLUE USB dongle


hiDBLUE device allows any Android device with Bluetooh present to emulate standard USB keyboard and mouse on broad range of computers running Apple MAC OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, BSD, Android, etc.

Next to end-users market, hiDBLUE device is suitable also for integrations into other IT solutions. Vendors are fully supported with documentation and code examples. All hiDBLUE software is royalty-free. Furthermore, customization requests are welcomed.

Detailed presentation clip is available here.


The dongles are not available. Please contact us.

Warranty: 1 year.

If you live outside EU and would like to arrange VAT exemption (the parcel gets CN23 declaration), please contact us before placing the order.

EU VAT-registered companies shall contact us in order to process VAT exemption.


Brief overview of the hiDBLUE product overview is summarized in the document:
[PDF] hiDBLUE Introduction Summary

For development and integration purposes, free APIs are offered. The following documents cover all needed details to integrate hiDBLUE features into your solution:
[PDF] Android APIs library Software Interface Reference
[PDF] Windows .NET APIs library Software Interface Reference

Source Code

In the product presentation video clip, you can observe Demo applications executed on Android and Microsoft Windows platforms. These applications were built on top of hiDBLUE APIs, documented above.

Source code of Demo applications:
[ZIP] Complete Android Demo source code used in the video above (Eclipse project folder, including APK file)
[ZIP] Android Demo source code ( file only)
[ZIP] Windows VB.NET Demo source code (Form1.vb file only)


[ZIP] APIs jar file


hiDBLUE radio is Bluetooth SIG fully certified Class 2 device and certified according to FCC Part 15B and Part 15C. It is compliant to RoHS directive.
hiDBLUE device is made in EU. The production complies with EU labour and environment legislation.